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3-5km Fiber-Coupled Laser Illuminator


Heavy PTZ camera:
Suitable for
1,PTZ platform which could:Carry 30+Kg,
2,lens focus greater than 500mm,
3,2M pixel+camera

Armored vehicle night vision system
Suitable for 500mm+lens, heavy PTZ camera and 3M pixel+camera


Motorized and stepless optical zooming, friendly interfaces, up to 3000 meters

Compact, easy to integrate, high reliability, lifetime over 20000hrs

RS422、RS485、RS232、TTL data interface

Uniform beam and spekle free, Negligible off-aixs divergence, easy to collimate with camera lens

Off-power status memory, self-developed limit switch,photosensitive control and manual switch

Low heat, high efficiency

Environment friendly, low carbon

CE certificate

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  • Brightintelligence produces laser illuminator which is high performance integrated with high quality laser chip and excellent optics design, and outstanding circuit control with high efficiency. It has big dynamic beam angle zooming, which can match with the view angle of cameras. It also has friendly interfaces such as operating voltage, communication protocol and installation schematic. It can be widely used in video security surveillances, machining vision, gesture recognition, display control, laser medicine and military applications
  • This illuminator is compatible with major lens and cameras, integrated with the protocols of PelcoD. It is easy for users to implement the illuminator. Simultaneously, position information can be preset via serial port, and users can call the instruction to operate conveniently in use. Due to uniform power intensity of beam, users can obtain high quality video and easily recognize the features inside
  • Comparing to this kind of products in the market, Brightintelligence illuminators output uniform beam intensity, speckle free, low heat and high efficiency which are suitable for security surveillances, automotive night vision, machine vision, gesture recognition and medical applications etc
  • Laser Mode: Multiple modes
  • Laser Wavelength: 808/940±10 nm
  • Light Power: (15/20/25) ± 1 W
  • Spot Shape: Circle
  • Light Distance: 3000-5000m
  • Spot Uniformity: Uniform
  • Control Lines: –
  • Data Interface: RS232/RS485/TTL
  • Protocol: PELCO_D
  • Beam Angle: 0.3-22°
  • Voltage: DC12/24/48V
  • Current: 4/2.5/1.5A or 8/4/2A
  • Operating Life: >20000h
  • Operating Temperature: -20-+50℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40-+80℃
  • Overall Power Consumption: <12W or <96W
  • Can Material: Al alloy(Black)
  • Laser Class: Class 3B
  • Communication baud rate: 9600bps, no inspection, 8bits, 1stop bit
  • Cooling method: Forced air cooling


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