0.02~5m Laser Range Finder Sensor



  • High accuracy, long ranging
  • High measure frequency, 100Hz
  • Real time measurement
  • Friendly and versatile interfaces
  • Compactness
  • High reliability



  • ADAS vehicle system
  • Robot navigating system
  • Traffic control system
  • Industrial automation
  • Military applications



A5 is the range finder sensor with high-performance and high measurement frequency, integrated with excellent optics design and high accuracy timer. It can measure up to 100Hz stably, and can give out the real-time distance between range finder and the object. It is easy to integrate due to its friendly interfaces and compact size. It is ideal for Vehicle ADAS system, robot navigation system, and smart traffic monitoring.


Parameters Typical values Unit Remarks
Model no. RF1001-B010-0100A5 RF1003-B010-0100A5 RF1005-B010-0100A5  
Range 0.05-1 0.05-3 0.05-5 m Grey object
Accuracy ±(1-10) mm Maximum
Resolution 0.5 mm  
Measure Freq. 100 Hz  
Laser wavelength 780 nm Full angle
Fan angle <1 mrad  
Laser class Class IIB Eye safe
Indicator Eye safe
Water and dust proof IP67    
Can material Al alloy    
Can color Black    
Operating temperature -30-60 °C  
Storage temperature -40-70 °C  
Power supply 9-24 V  
Power consumption <2 Watt  
Dimensions 15(L)×17(W)×15(H) mm  
Data interfaces  0-5V One choice
Data anode See manual    
Data cathode See manual    
Baud 9600 bps  
Power supply anode Red  
Power supply cathode Black  
Control signal TTL(if have)  
Control cable White(if have)  
Communication protocol See manual  



    Inquiry if in need.

Laser safety

    The laser in the device used is class IIB, which is eye-safe one. Please refer to IEC 60825-1:2014《Laser products safety: Part I: Devices classifications, Requirements and user’s manual》.



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