150~200m IR Array Fixed Focus Laser Illuminator

IR VCSEL Array Laser Illuminator



  • High brightness
  • Homogeneous intensity
  • High efficiency, low heat
  • High reliability
  • Enabling control
  • compactness
  • CE Certified


  •  Security surveillances
  •  Automobile nightvision (ADAS)
  •  Machine vision
  •  Gesture recognition
  •  Display
  • Medical applications
  • Military applications



This laser illuminator is highly reliable with patented beam intensity homogenization, high quality laser, and optics and circuit design separately to prevent the circuit heat from heating the optics. There are standard interfaces including Enabling and 12V power supply interfaces, one can control the illuminator with control signal or photosensor. It is an ideal IR illuminator for laser display and security surveillance. Simultaneously, it can be also used in medical application as its uniform beam power density.



Parameters Typical Values Units Remarks
Model no. LL1150-1010-xxxCFP LL1150-0404-xxCFP LL1200-0303-xxxCFP   A
Mode Multimode  
Wavlength 850/975 nm  
Laser power 1.5 1.5 2.0 W exit
Spot shape circular  
Fan angle 10 4 3 ° Full angle
Distance 150 200 m  
Spot size m  
Intensity uniform Speckle free    
Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Operating current ≤600 ≤600 ≤1000 mA  
Operating mode Continuous  
Lifetime ≧50000 hrs  
Operating Temp -40-+85 °C  
Storage Temp -40-+85 °C  
Power consumption <8 <8 <12 W  
Dimension 45x45x90 (A) mm  
Material Alloy  
Laser class 1M    
Eable anode white   optional
Enable cathode black   optional
Enable Voltage 3-6 V High level
Power anode red    
Power cathode black    
power supply  Ripple <100 mV  
Weight 202 g  
Heat dissipating Forced air cooling  


Mechanical Scheme



Electronic Interface


Laser safety
This laser is class IIIB, pls refer GB7247.1-2001(Chinastandard) or IEC 60825-1:1993《Laser safety: Part 1: device classifications, Requirements and Manual》Edition 1 and revision in September 1997.

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