1500mW IR VCSEL Array Laser Illuminator

Item Code:LL10x0-06180-850CMP



■ Self-developed high performance VCSEL chip, no attenuation

■ High efficiency up to 40% @25°C, >35% @ 50°C

■ VCSEL chip, wide operating temperature -40-+85°C

■ VCSEL array chip with large emission area, eye safety

■ Self-developed high performance VCSEL chip, no attenuation

■ Beam angle tunable manually

■ High reliability, lifetime > 50000hrs

■ Compact, easy to integrate and use

■ Negligible off-axis, easy to collimate with camera lens

■ Uniform beam power density, low speckle

■ Friendly interface, security surveillance compatible

■ CE certificate

■ High efficiency, low heat

■ Environment friendly




■ Video security surveillances

■ Automobile nightvision (ADAS)

■ Machine vision

■ Gesture recognition

■ Display & keyboard

■ Medical applications

■ Military applications



This IR illuminator is of high performance with low cost. It is the first laser illuminator similar to IR LED one globally. The laser is packaged with the form of IR LED, which can be mounted onto aluminum plate like the LEDs. Due to special optics design, the optical beam intensity is uniform and the beam angle can be manually tuned between 4 and 36 degrees, 46 degree, and between 65 and 77 degrees, even 180 degree. This performance is outstanding for field installations to match the field of view of lens, to solve the mismatch between illuminator and camera. It is very easy to use. The LED users just remove the LEDs and mount the laser diodes with current adjustment and put the right angle lens on the laser diodes. This laser illuminator is very bright and reliable and of low heat. Simultaneously, users can employ different beam angle illuminators to cover different range. It has the cost compared to IR LEDs, and it is ideal for security surveillance and medical applications and pattern recognition.


Parameters Values Units Remarks
Model no. LL10x0-06180-850CMP
Mode Multimode
wavelength 850±15 ns
Optical output power ³1300 mW @exit
Spot shape circular
Illuminating distance Depending on beam angle m
Spot uniform uniform
Beam angle 6-36; 46; 65-100; 110;120;130;180 °
Voltage 2.1-2.3
Current 1.6-2.0 A
Operating mode CW
lifetime 50000 hrs
Operating Temp. -40 – +80 °C
Storage Temp. -40 – +85 °C
Power consumption <2 W
Dimensions f18x14 mm
Material POM
Appearance white
Laser class Class 3 £10s staring
Anode cable red
Cathode cable black
Gross weight 3 g
Cooling Al plate conductor

Mechanic profile

Laser Safety

The output power of this module is classified as class III, one can refer to IEC 60825-1:2014《Laser Product Safety: Part 1:Devices classification, requirements and user’s Manual》.


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