Technological advantage

Bright Laser Co., Ltd. is based on technological innovation, customer and market demand, focusing on laser chips and high-end sensors. With independent intellectual property rights and patented technology, VCSEL laser chip, laser secondary tube, imaging lighting laser and laser ranging sensor have been produced on a large scale. It is widely used in Internet of Things, Industrial 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Automobile, Smart Phone and other consumer electronics fields.

Autonomous Surface Emission Laser Chip (VCSEL) has no light attenuation, wide operating temperature range, good environmental adaptability, large luminous area, more safety, array luminescence, more uniform spot, photoelectric conversion efficiency as high as 40%, far higher than similar products. When working environment is 50 degrees C, photoelectric conversion efficiency is as high as 35%, high reliability, life is more than 50,000 hours,The special lens can be manually adjusted from 4 degrees to 180 degrees.

The imaging illumination laser adopts self-patented intensity homogenization technology and unique photoelectric isolation design, which ensures the reliability and high performance of the laser illuminator. In order to facilitate integration, standard interface parameters, such as power supply and control signals, are adopted. It is suitable for high-speed ball machine, gun machine and Yuntai security monitoring system, and is an ideal infrared lighting source.

Industry application solutions, relying on the advantages of independent technology, our company and customers work together to form excellent solutions in the field of security, automotive intelligent driving, industrial sensing, mobile phones and other mobile devices. Auxiliary driving scheme in automotive field: it has the following advantages: independent exclusive filter, excellent strong light suppression ability, infrared VCSEL laser illumination, exclusive laser lens, uniform and delicate light intensity distribution, wide angle of view, target recognition distance > 100m, with the following advantages: fast response, high real-time performance; large range, wide coverage; short-range, long-range, omnidirectional coverage; automatic parking; Image recognition plus data location. 3-D imaging sensing scheme: mobile phone and mobile phone companion, motion camera; our company’s products have the following technical advantages: high laser luminescence efficiency, low heat; small size, with optical elements only 2 mm high; uniform and delicate spot; a single 1.5W laser can irradiate 30 meters away.

Innovative advantages are obvious: the company cooperates with universities, scientific research institutions and customers in depth, applies for a number of core technology patents through accumulation and continuous innovation, innovates and improves in laser imaging, lighting and sensing, and has unique advantages in technological advancement, adaptability of domestic business, and core technology with independent intellectual property rights.