Circuit design guidelines of driving high power pulsed VCSEL sensor

With the development of the AI/IoT, smart technology and automation technology, smart sensors have become a new market trend. Products using VCSEL as the core device of the sensor have many advantages and are widely used in ranging, proximity sensing, lidar, safety light curtain, smart home and other fields.
Brightlaser VCSEL products can be used as sensor pulse emission light sources, with various packaging forms, SMD packaging structures and easy integration; TO-packaging market applications are mature. Wavelengths are available in 808nm, 850nm, and 940nm. Single emitter and arrays are available to meet different power and spot shape requirements.

In terms of supporting sensor core devices, Brightlaser products include VCSEL pulsed laser diode series, PD sensing chip series, and transceiver series.Brightlaser VCSEL sensor element with the advantages of simple pulse circuit design and easy operation.

At the transmitting end, a MOSFET can be used to control the negative pole of the pole of the VCSEL diode to emit pulsed light (positive pole to ground).

1) VCSEL laser emission – see “Pulsed VCSEL driver circuit” section for reference	
2) PD sensing – PD receive laser signal → current signal → electric signal amplified

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Brightlaser was founded in 2014, is a global pioneer supplier in VCSEL technology from components, sensors, to total solutions for AI/IoT applications including Optical Communication, Consumer Electronics, ADAS, Machine Vision, Telecom, Robotics, Smart House, Surveillance System, etc.  
As a high-tech company, Brightlaser possesses its own VCSEL intellectual properties in wafer design, advanced chip process, and applications. Brightlaser headquartered in Hong Kong, established branch offices in Shen Zhen and Zhong Shan of China. The factory located in Zhong Shan covers footprint of 160,000 Sqft. equipped with globally state-of-art GaAs techniques, and the first 6-inch VCSEL chip fab & packaging line in mainland China.
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